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Still haven’t decided on your next holiday destination? No matter whether you prefer a pure beach holiday or wandering around historical heritage buildings, the good news is, Penang has it all.

Penang, the foodie paradise

Are you a food lover? Trust me, Penang should be made in every foodie bucket list! It’s one of the most underrated best food cities in the world, located in northwest Malaysia on the island of Hainan. As featured on CNN, Penang was listed among Asia’s 10 Greatest Street Food Cities and Penang’s Asam Laksa was ranked 7th in the World’s 50 Best Foods. To top that off, Penang is endorsed as world’s best food destination by an American renowned food writer, Oseland. This is why the region’s world-famous dishes are a huge draw for visitors to the city, where roti canai, nasi lemak and laksa are enjoyed by both locals and tourists with full abandon. Penang is definitely the place where you can take your taste bud to another level of adventure without breaking the bank. According to Forbes, Georgetown, Penang was 1st among the 10 Best Budget travel Destinations for 2016. 

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Penang’s eclectic art scene

For some, Penang is a culinary destination, while others visit to immerse themselves in its rich and interesting history and culture. Penang, Malaysia’s second largest city, is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can walk along the beautiful street arts and admire the detailed historical architecture from the British occupation in the late 18th century. It is definitely awe-inspiring as Malaysia is a country with multiculturalism and multiracialism yet the people can still live together in unity and harmony. Many people visit this city to gain a deeper understanding of its vibrant multi-culture and historical heritage as Penang is a heritage splendor. 

The perfect beach for vacation

If you love the beauty of the beach, more than the bustling hustling of the city, this is exactly what you can relate to. Penang has been listed as one of the top 10 great value beach destinations in the world. How could anyone not love summer? Here, you can just slip on a pair of sandals instead of sneakers, and enjoy saturated sunsets over skylines filled with skyscrapers. You can find yourself spending time by the ocean even when it’s not summer, because it’s summer all year round here. You’re not the only one who would choose surf over turf, and even better, you will be sharing these things in common with a very passionate beach crowd here. Enjoying this chill beach life is everything! It sounded pretty much like a tropical paradise isn’t it? That’s why is definitely a must go destination. 

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Penang is not a bustling city like Kuala Lumpur, yet it still has all the comforts of home. Culturally, Penang is definitely a mind-blowing place to immerse yourself with the mix of cultures and not to mention the food which is touted to be the best in all of South-East Asia. What are you waiting for? Let’s take on a tropical trip and begin your day with some awesome Penang local’s delight and soak up all the sunshine!