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Please don’t expect there to be a fork, a knife, a plate or a salt shaker on the table. You might find soya sauce on the table instead.

The use of chopsticks and bowls. 

There are many big no nos while using chopsticks, as one should not be using the chopsticks to stir food, pointing at people or using the chopstick to express gestures while talking. 

Cooking ingredients- soya sauce, dark soya sauce, sesame oil

Cooking – wok

In the midst of eating or after eating, don’t insert chopsticks in the bowl with rice, as it indicates worshipping the ancestors. As you can see, specific eating courtesies can vary for different races even in the same country. 

Staple food

A recent research shows that on average Chinese eats half as much fat and one-third less protein than the average American. Meat or poultry are usually not the main in a meal. Instead, their staple are usually rice and accompanied with a few dishes composed mainly of vegetables,meat, poultry, or soup. This also applies to neighbouring countries like China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and Japan.

Malay- Curry

Use right hand to eat

Indian- Dhall

  1. Tipping is not practiced.
  2. Pour tea for people starting from the eldest to the youngest, before yourself.

Chinese tea ceremony and tea serving etiquettes

Tea Serving Etiquette is one of the traditional Chinese etiquette which has a history of more than 3000 years since Zhou Dynasty.