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  1. Table configuration. Most Asians dine on round tables while rectangular tables are more common in western countries. 
  2. Order and share dishes. Westerners have individual servings.
  3. Different cutlery.
  4. Cooking ingredients are very different. Most western cuisine are cooked using mixed herbs and dairy. For most eastern dishes, they are cooked using hoisin sauce, soya sauce, vinegar, curry powder, coconut milk and oyster sauce. 
  5. Having an alcoholic beverage on the menu is not a norm in Asia especially during breakfast or lunch.
  6. Using hot tea to wash and scrub their cups and plates before eating for hygiene purpose. This is usually the case for when you dine in a Chinese restaurant. 
  7. It ain’t a meal without rice. It’s always rice rice and more rice.
  8. The exotic food list can goes on and on, such as pig ears, duck tongue,pork intestine.
  9. Most of the dishes are bold, aromatic, spicy and hot. Most Asians can eat really spicy dishes.
  10. Asian usually cook their fish whole.
  11. Smaller serving size
  12. Economy rice is Asian’s version of fast food.